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Tamil Nadu Reviews
  • Review By S Suresh, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
    “I recently won INR 31194 in a tournament. I thoroughly enjoy playing Rummy on”
  • Review By Rajkumar R, Salem, Tamil Nadu
    "I recently won INR 45,000 cash prize in the Monday tournament. It feels really good and a moment full of happiness and joy! Thank you for the platform, RummyCircle!.”
  • Review By G Selvakumar, Salem, Tamil Nadu
    "It's wonderful playing Rummy on RummyCircle; I recently won INR 53630. It was such a nice tournament."
  • Reviewed by N Sureshkumar, Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu
    “RummyCircle is a very good entertaining game. I love this game and I have been playing it for the past 8 years.This time in the Mid-Day Blockbuster Finale I won Rs. 65,000”
  • Reviewed by Suresh Suresh, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
    “At last Sunday's tournament I stood second and won Rs. 44,000. This is a really amazing game. I did not expect it. Thank you, RummyCircle team for giving me this opportunity.”
  • Reviewed by Vimal Kumar, Erode, Tamil Nadu
    “I won Rs. 1,55,000 at the Diwali Rummy Tournament (DRT 2019). This tournament is very nice and enjoyable. I love RummyCircle.”
  • Review By Kathir Kathir, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
    “I recently played Mid Day Blockbuster Finale and won Rs.100000. I utilised the winning amount for my family. The pleasure of winning the game by competing with talented players across the country is incomparable.”

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Karnataka Reviews
  • Reviewed by Shiva Kumar S, Tumkur, Karnataka
    "I won Rs. 28,000 in cash and I can't believe it. I'm very happy. I love playing rummy on RummyCircle because you are playing with skilled players and the energy is exciting.”
  • Review By Mukesh Singh, Bangalore, Karnataka, Sunday Masters Tournament
    "I've been playing on RummyCircle since 1 year and this is my first win. I feel great to win this tournament as the game is real and the prize money is also real.”
  • Review By Ravindra PK, Bangalore, Karnataka, Platinum Club
    “I have been playing online rummy since a long time and I feel RummyCircle is the best, most reliable and trusted site. I have won many tournaments till date and it feels great. The withdrawal process is also very fast. I was apprehensive to invite my friends but after understanding that it's a fair platform, I invited a few friends. Thanks for providing such a great and fair platform.”
  • Review By Moirangthem RanjanN Singh, Bangalore, Karnataka, Sunday masters
    “Its been a great experience playing rummycircle, with people from different states exploring more beyond the game. Quite a fun and moreover you get cash if you dare to win.”

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Maharashtra Reviews
  • Vilas Yennamwar, Chandrapur, Maharashtra
    "I played 100expressway tournament yesterday and won Rs.100000. I was extremely happy and excited after winning the tournament. Thanks RummyCircle."
  • Pandurang Laware, Yavatmal, Maharashtra
    “I have not won any tournament. I have been playing for 3 months !!! I have not won real money many times. I have won 25 or 50 rs money in last week. I have not won any promotional tournament.”
  • Gotiram Barde, Nashik, Maharashtra
    “I was so excited when I won the 2nd prize in the Sunday Masters tournament. The game was fun and challenging at the same time. I enjoyed the smooth app website functioning, making it quick and interesting. I think RummyCircle is the best place to play rummy and win exciting prizes.”

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AP Reviews
  • Reviewed by Suresh Babu Bolleddu, Krishna Andhra Pradesh
    "I loved playing Sunday Million tournament. It was filled with a lot of thrill and absolute delight. I love to play rummy and this is the perfect place to play the game online."
  • Reviewed by Sivannarayana Gummala, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
    "I am excited and happy that I won Rs. 43,500 at Sunday Million. Winning the tournament made this year's ending a memorable one."
  • Reviewed by Kanchipati Eswararao, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
    "I am very happy to have won Rs.2 lakhs in the DRT tournament. This is the best Diwali ever for me. The tournament was very exciting, and the winning moment was ecstatic. Thanks to RummyCircle for providing the best rummy experience."
  • Review By Kommoju Naresh, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
    "I played in the Saturday Showdown tournament and won Rs.35,000. The tournament was very exciting, and I did my best to win the game. Thanks to RummyCircle."
  • Review By Kranthi Kumar S, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
    "I won Rs.1,00,000 in the grand finale of the IRC held at the Taj Hotel, Bangalore. It was the best day of my life!! The event was well organised, and the arrangements were extremely good too. My sincere thanks to the RummyCircle team for the wonderful experience."
  • Review By ANIL KUMAR GARBHAPU, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
    “I won Rs 37,500 by referring my friends. I'm playing since 9 years. RummyCircle is the most trusted and genuine site. No issues faced in transactions. A revolution in online rummy.”
  • Review By Adduri PG Krishna Raju, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
    “I have earned Rs 22500 by inviting my friends to RummyCircle. I love to play Rummy and get motivated by the offers and tournaments. It is fun, challenging and thrilling all at the same time. I like to invite more and more friends to play Rummy. Keep up the good work RummyCircle.”
  • Review By Narendra Reddy, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, Sunday Masters Tournament
    “I won 14000 rs in Grand final tournament that is wonderful moment in my life. I really enjoyed alot playing on RummyCircle I am planning since 3 years. No one give you this much of grateful platform to play Rummy, easy to play easy to understand everything in this site I was getting money with in 3 days very secure and customer support also good, play with trust, and it works on slow speed net connection also, most important thing 14000 rs tournament played in mobile during on my journey”

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Passionate Rummy players have made RummyCircle the best Rummy site in India

Our team at RummyCircle is very passionate and they are always open to feedback, reviews and suggestions. If the comments are from RummyCircle customers, they are taken on very high priority. Teams at various levels ensure that our customers are updated about the issues or suggestions raised by them thus minimizing the communication gap. This is where the Rummycircle reviews section plays a pivotal role. According to Rummy Stars there are multiple factors what keeps them hooked on to Rummy Circle.

There was lot of critical feedback that was given to our team and being a customer-centric company, we at RummyCircle took the feedback positively and worked on it. This barrier-free approach has definitely created a lot of difference. So, what makes Rummy Circle an ideal platform for Rummy online players and why you should be present on it, let's find out:

  1. RummyCircle is a place where you can play Rummy online and you would be constantly challenged by more than million Rummy players from all over India.
  2. Be it newbie or Pro-Rummy player, RummyCircle welcomes all 'Rummy enthusiasts' with open arms. For starters in Rummy, you can play Practice tournaments and once you are confident, join the growing army of Pro-rummy players. When you want to make money by playing Rummy, you can play Cash Tournaments and make the most of your rummy skills.
  3. Customer support is one department that is required no matter the nature of business. We at RummyCircle are very customer-centric and take suggestions from our users at regular intervals. In fact, reviews on RummyCircle have definitely helped us to fix issues that came from players on our platform. Rummy players can get their complaints resolved by just connecting with the support team at whether it is payment related or game related, we at RummyCircle strive hard to resolve them at the earliest and provide the best Rummy experience.

Let's look into what some of the Rummy Stars have to say about Rummycircle.

Read More Player Reviews

  • Sadanand Sannaik
    Review By Sadanand Sannaik,
    Pune, Maharashtra

    "I won INR 48,000/- last week and received the real-cash prize along with a Diwali gift! I'm very happy -Thank you, RummyCircle."
  • Jayram Dj
    Review By Jayram Dj,
    Vadodara, Gujarat

    "This is the second time I won a tournament on RummyCircle and I’m enjoying it very much."
  • Satish Jagtap
    Review By Satish Jagtap,
    Aurangabad, Maharashtra

    "I love playing Rummy on RummyCircle. While playing rummy game on RummyCircle, you don't even realize how your time flies."
  • Theerathagiri S
    Review By Theerathagiri S,
    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

    "I recently won in Diwali Rummy Tournament and received a Diwali gift too! - Thank you RummyCircle team, I'm very happy!"
  • Ratish Thakkarkar
    Review By Ratish Thakkarkar,
    Uttara Kannada, Karnataka

    "I have played a lot of games before this, but RummyCircle has given me the best experience so far."
  • Yogeesha M P
    Review By Yogeesha M P,
    Mysore, Karnataka

    "Hello dear RummyCircle, I have been playing on the platform for the past 1 year and enjoy the experience completely. I recently won 5th position in the Midday blockbuster tournament. This actually made my day and I’m very happy. Thank you."
  • Abung Takhel
    Review By Abung Takhel,
    Thoubal, Manipur

    "I would like to thank you for letting me know that I had won a prize in the contest. First of all, I felt very happy and I do not have words to express my feelings."
  • Prashant Sonawane
    Review By Prashant Sonawane,
    Valsad, Gujarat

    "I won Rs.75000 in the Monday milestone tournament at RummyCircle. My gaming experience was simply wonderful. RummyCircle is one of the best platforms to play online rummy."
  • Highcourt Raja
    Review By Highcourt Raja,

    "I am very happy to win Rs.65,000 and Rs.88,900 in Mid-Day Blockbuster Finale and Thrilling Thursday tournaments respectively."
  • Nibu Puthukkattu
    Review By Nibu Puthukkattu,
    Kottayam, Kerala

    "I am one of the platinum elite members of RummyCircle. RummyCircle is the most reliable site to play online rummy. I recently played in Sankranti SRT tournament finale and won Rs. 27500. It was such an exciting experience to compete with the most talented players across the country. Thanks to the RummyCircle team for the support and for making this Sankranti a memorable one for me"
  • Sanyasi Panigrahi
    Review By Sanyasi Panigrahi,
    Mumbai, Maharashtra

    "I recently participated in the IRC held at the Taj Hotel, Bangalore and won a brand-new iPad!! The event was so exciting. The hotel stay, food and drinks arrangement were done very well by the dedicated team of RummyCircle. Overall, it was an amazing experience which I can never forget in my entire life"
  • Pathan Allahbakhs Salim Khan
    Review By Pathan Allahbakhs Salim Khan,
    Patan, Gujarat

    "I love playing rummy at RummyCircle. The game play is fast and easy. I recently won Rs. 5 Lakhs in the Sunday Millionaire tournament. I was so happy and excited at the same time! This victory boosted my confidence level. RummyCircle is one of the reliable sites to play rummy online.”
  • Saleem Kareem
    Review By Saleem Kareem,
    Palakkad, Kerala

    "RummyCircle is a great app to play rummy online! I played Thrilling Thursday and won rupees Rs. 100000 recently. That was the most memorable day of my life! Thanks to RummyCircle team for providing me a wonderful game play experience.”
  • Vijayaraj A Vijay Villupuram
    Review By Vijayaraj A Vijay,
    Villupuram, Tamil Nadu

    "I won Rs 50,000 in Fast Lane Friday recently. It was one of the joyful moments of my life. The tournaments are very interesting and exciting to play. RummyCircle is the best platform to play online rummy.”
  • Pravinbhai Koshiyani
    Review By Pravinbhai Koshiyani,
    Bhavnagar, Gujarat

    "RummyCircle app is the best app to play online rummy. I played Friday Super Over and won Rs. 24,6995. I was so thrilled and felt extremely happy after winning the tournament. My over all rummy experience at RummyCircle is really good.”
  • chhotelal
    Review By Chhotelal Gupta,
    Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh

    "I recently won Rs.25,000 in Rummy Khiladi tournament. I love playing rummy at RummyCircle. It is a very good game on the whole.”
  • Sandeep Dahiya
    Review By Sandeep Dahiya,
    Sonipat, Haryana

    "I am so excited to play this game everytime. I simply love the game.”
  • Kamal Pada
    Review By Kamal Pada Pal,
    Parganas, West Bengal

    "It's a great pleasure for me and as well as a wonderful feeling to win cash on RummyCircle. I am very keen to play every tournament in future. Winning here has become one of the memorable days in my life. Once again thanks very much to RUMMYCIRCLE.COM for organizing this type of programme/ game.”
  • Palash Das
    Review By Palash Das,
    North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

    "I won the 5th prize of Rs. 2,900.23 in the Super Rummy Khiladi tournament, thanks to Rummycircle. Will keep on playing more cash games in the future.”
  • Dipankar Samanta
    Review By Dipankar Samanta,
    East Midnapore, West Bengal

    "I am happy to play on RummyCircle and winning cash games. I love to join the tournaments and win as well.”

Govind Raj - "I've been playing since 2 years. I feel great to win this tournament as it was free entry and I won real money. It is the most trusted and user-friendly website. I enjoy playing on the mobile also."

Syamala Rao, East Godavari - "I am so excited on winning Rs. 9000 in the Friday jumbo tournament. The game play was fair and genuine. Thanks to the RummyCircle team. I wish all the users to play rummy and enjoy the thrilling experience."

Muthukrishnan R, Tuticorin - "From last 3 years I have been playing on RummyCircle and refer my friends here as well. I have won Rs. 33,600 by Bring A Friend program. Love its”

Siva Kondeti, Tanuku - “Rummy Circle is the best online Rummy Site for all Rummy players. I believe there is no Fraud on this site. Lots of cash prizes in promotional tournaments like daily free tournament, weekly tournaments and special festival tournaments. Play for fun and enjoy the game. Once u join and start playing, you will surely like it. Joining is very simple and free. All the Best”

Satheesh S - I have been playing for more than a year and have won Rs 14,000 so far. I use the rummycircle app and its very fast. I get double benefit - entertainment and money.

Raj Mohan - I really excited about the winning of HTC mobile on last Sunday master tournament. Thanks to rummy circle. Now I really enjoy to play rummy.

Phani Kumar - I loved to play rummy I am playing from past 5 years, i had win some cash prizes also. on sunday 31st may 2015, i played the Sunday tournament and i had win the first prize. i am so happy that my dream came true. i trust this site from 5 years. 3 years back also i had win Sunday tournament. yes i had refer rummy to my friends.

Merupula Venkatalokesh - Thank you very much RummyCircle for selecting me as the KYC winner. I am very happy with the website as you provide good playing experience and encouraging benefits as well. I hope you continue to provide this type of good services in the future also.

Mr. Vikrambabu Padakandla - I am delighted to have won the Dilwali Rummy Finale Week 1! It's always an awesome experience playing on RummyCircle. There are a whole lot of sites, I have even tried few of them, but RummyCircle is the BEST! 100% Genuine site to play and enjoy Rummy.

Raja G - Last Sunday I won 5L in the weekend loot, I didn’t think that I will win. It's a great and awesome experience, From that money I cleared my personal loan, it's helping my financial problems. I will continue playing on Rummycircle, Hope I will write another big winning moment. Thank you Rummycircle team.

Mr. Jayakumar S - I am very happy to win the DRT Week 1 Finals in the third place. It's the best rummy circle experience with complete satisfaction. I just needed to play and got the winning the amount. Best one! THANK U (JAYAKUMAR from sriperumbudur.kpmdist.sprunion)

Anthony Raj - Such a wonderful movement play for fun and won 3,650 + Samsung galaxy

Basavaraj Chokavi - I am so happy to play this game. I would like to tell everyone that it is great entertainment and you can win money with entertainment.

Revanth Potluri - I am very happy with this online site. it is legal and very genuine site. i trust and best one. thanking you

Anant Purohit - I am playing for more than one year now and it's quite an amazing experience playing at It was my biggest winning when I won more than 9000 in platinum club tourney. I would definitely recommend this site for rummy players.

Gowtham Mandarada - Hi RummyCircle Friends, I won the jumbo tournament 4th prize(Rs.910). Its amazing win to me. In my free time, I always prefer to play rummycircle because its good time pass and many entertainment features are there. I am playing from last 10 months. With rummy skills anyone can earn good amount in rummycircle. Its 100% trustworthy website to show your rummy skills and winning cash prizes.

Mr. Shankara Rao R - Excellent experience. It is a wonderful experience playing on Rummycircle. Very happy to have won the prize amount.

Mr. Jitendra Patel - RummyCircle is a wonderful site. It is a whole lot of fun playing Rummy on RummyCircle. I also win lot of cash, so it is very useful for me.

Arun Dhanasekaran - I'm happy I won the 2nd price of 5 lakh (Innings to Winnings Tournament).

Vaishnavi rsh - Hi, I am very glad that I won the first prize of 8.7 lakhs in ultimate finale on Dec 3, 2017. I am very excited and so happy. Thank you RummyCircle.

Nithyanandham A - I won the first prize of Rs. 25,000 in Regal Novelties. I am very happy to win this amount as this is the first time I won the tournament. I am playing with RummyCircle for over 2yrs and this is my first win.

Lakshmanan M - I am really very happy now. I won 1.08L in DRT 4th Week. Thanks to RummyCircle!

M Mohanraj - Very nice game i won rs 1750 in jumbo tournament and thanks to rummycircle.

Stalin Stalin - Its an awesome experience. I win real money in tournaments.

Sathesh Kumar - I am really very happy to achieve this.i want to play more cash games and win the cash for that time.

Vijayakumar - Really enjoyed I'm trying reach 2nd round then 2position of 2 round really happy ...thanks rummycirce today all so try reach final round.

Vidhyapathi Sukumaran - Great online site for Indian rummy. I love playing on RummyCircle as it is a trustworthy site.

Prahalathan Balaiah - It is exiting. In short, I live with this vital experience.It is part and parcel of my life path.

Parthiban Sekar - Hi guys!!! Yesterday I won rs.45 by playing silver club tournament!!! Tnaks rummycircle!!!

Petchimuthu Subramaniam - I am very happy this winning.This is my first winning for weekend tournament.

Maheswaran b - It is a very good entertainment and super money saving game in another games and it's vary super and so good of entertainment and it's really a good entertainmet.

Venkatachandra Tatineni - This is first time I am reaching to 5th round it's exiting and no words to say…

Adithya Varma Sagiraju - This is my first winning & feeling hopeful after getting the money immediately after completing the tournament. And its more pleasure to play rummy in my free time.I can say this as the convenient site to play Rummy in respect of speed accuracy & loading aspects.

P Sai Chaitanya - Its very good.. but i request to increase turn time a little more once we are entering into further rounds.

Priyesh KC - I feel amazing after winning this Sunday masters Independence Day Special tournament. This is an excellent site to play fair rummy.

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