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RummyCircle Reviews

Passionate Rummy players have made RummyCircle the best Rummy site in India

Our team at RummyCircle is very passionate and they are always open to feedback, reviews and suggestions. If the comments are from RummyCircle customers, they are taken on very high priority. Teams at various levels ensure that our customers are updated about the issues or suggestions raised by them thus minimizing the communication gap. This is where the Rummycircle reviews section plays a pivotal role. According to Rummy Stars there are multiple factors what keeps them hooked on to Rummy Circle.

There was lot of critical feedback that was given to our team and being a customer-centric company, we at RummyCircle took the feedback positively and worked on it. This barrier-free approach has definitely created a lot of difference. So, what makes Rummy Circle an ideal platform for Rummy players and why you should be present on it, let's find out:

  1. 1. RummyCircle is a place where you can play Rummy online and you would be constantly challenged by more than million Rummy players from all over India.
  2. 2. Be it newbie or Pro-Rummy player, RummyCircle welcomes all 'Rummy enthusiasts' with open arms. For starters in Rummy, you can play Practice tournaments and once you are confident, join the growing army of Pro-rummy players. When you want to make money by playing Rummy, you can play Cash Tournaments and make the most of your rummy skills.
  3. 3. Customer support is one department that is required no matter the nature of business. We at RummyCircle are very customer-centric and take suggestions from our users at regular intervals. In fact, reviews on RummyCircle have definitely helped us to fix issues that came from players on our platform. Rummy players can get their complaints resolved by just connecting with the support team at support@rummycircle.com whether it is payment related or game related, we at RummyCircle strive hard to resolve them at the earliest and provide the best Rummy experience.

Let's look into what some of the Rummy Stars have to say about Rummycircle.


RummyCircle Reviews By Rummy Stars in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Mr. Nikkhil Nath : Delighted to win the Platinum Club Tournament. I also won Rs 15,500 before that. I recommend Rummy Circle over all the other Rummy sites, so enjoy and make money

Mr. Setty Sreekanth : Rummy Circle is a great source of entertainment and I also make money from tournaments. I earn more than Rs 1,000 everyday. There are more number of reasons why Rummy Circle is the best Rummy site in India.

S Shravan Kumar : I won Rs 25,000 in the 7th Annual Diwali Rummy Tournament. I am a member of the RummyCircle family since last 5 years since it is a very trusted website. I can add cash and start winning immediately. Anytime I login, I find thousands of players online so I can start playing any game option immediately. My playing experience has been exceptional. I always refer Rummy Circle to my friends and family.

More testimonials and Rummy Circle reviews from Telangana can be found here.

RummyCircle Reviews from Rummy Stars in Gujarat

Mr. Jitendra Patel - RummyCircle is a wonderful site. It is a whole lot of fun playing Rummy on RummyCircle. I also win lot of cash, so it is very useful for me.

Mr. Naitik Nakrani - Winning feels excellent as there is tough competition. I am on RummyCircle since the last 6 years and I recommend it to all my friends who are interested in Rummy.

Some of the testimonials or Rummycircle reviews from Tamil Nadu

Mr. R Ganesh - "Thank you RummyCircle for providing this wonderful opportunity to play one of the biggest online Rummy tournaments. I am very happy to be one of the winners in the 7th Annual Diwali Rummy Tournament. Over time, there is trust & a sense of security about my transactions with RummyCircle. Many thanks for organizing this tournament!"

Mr. Tholkappian S - "I am very glad to get the 7th Diwali Grand Finale ticket. The route to finale was a fantastic experience. I feel RummyCircle is like the T20 tournament."

Some of the testimonials or RummyCircle reviews from Hyderabad are below:

Mr. Kodali Samanvay - "Wow! This is a great site to earn money. I won Rs 17,000 by adding just Rs 50! The tournaments are great opportunity to win free cash without spending a rupee."

Testimonials from Rummy Stars in Andhra Pradesh - "I am happy with RummyCircle as I won a lot of prices here."

More testimonials are available on the Rummy Circle testimonials page. If you are passionate about the game of Rummy, than we recommend that you have an account on RummyCircle

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100% Legal
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